Offshore Staff planning made for now
Tired of planning operations in Excel? We get you, after all, Excel is not made for that.

Would you like some more automation in your planning process? Then look no further, IAP is the tool for you.

Planning at a glance

IAP delivers a crisp, user-friendly interface for all your planning needs. Customize it to your preference — no matter the complexity, your plans will always appear organized and uncluttered.

Transport & bedding

IAP simplifies offshore logistics, ensuring efficient staff transport and accommodation management. Overcome POB challenges with quick, detailed planning for bedding and transfers, all within IAP.


Activities planning is a complex process, you have to plan far in advance and align multiple factors, such as work orders and vendors. IAP streamlines this and helps you with your constraint checks.
Seamless Offshore Excellence: Elevate Your Planning with IAP!
Let IAP be your co-pilot. Contact us to know more.