A fresh brand story and identity for Cuurios.

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At Cuurios, we’ve lately been working on our brand story and brand identity. We think it’s important that the way we represent ourselves properly reflects our vison and mission, our company culture,  and what we believe in general.

What we believe is that the  Big Data hype is exactly what is says it is: a hype. It’s main premise – the more data you’re collecting the better – results in corporations drowning in data. To put it bluntly: the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know and the less confident you are to act, as depicted in this graph:

Nevertheless, we do believe that data can be extremely valuable. But: we found out that data shouldn’t be put centre stage if you want to improve your business. You need to start curiously studying your workflows first, and then look for relevant data that is insightful and helpful in improving these workflows and, in the end, your overall operations. That’s where the true value of data is to be found.

At Cuurios, we offer a software platform that optimizes workflows, for asset rich businesses specifically. Fuelled by our trademark curiosity we delve into your company and your specific machinery and processes, resulting in a thorough understanding of your way of working. We then use that knowledge to unlock your data and configure our workflow optimization software to your unique situation.

Our platform seamlessly connects your people, machinery and actions with data, leading to more efficient operations. Clients tell us that implementing our software feels like their data-congested brain finally gets the much-needed neurological wiring that prompts action.

Finally, you understand what is happening.

Finally, you know what to do next.

Finally, you can act confidently:

Cuurios. Stop Thinking. Start Doing.

You guessed it: this is our  fresh brand story and ‘Stop thinking. Start doing.’ is our new pay-off. All this is reflected in our fresh identity design as well: our new identity is based on abstract dots representing data, assets or people. When literally put together in a grid,  somehow a seamless flowing figure always appears; a (work)flow from one dot into the next. The visual feels as if the square boxes each showing a part of a dot can be shoved around in order to create new surprising workflows. This represents the curious nature of our company: what else is possible with the given combinations?

It’s important to note that we also use a single dot as well, representing  ‘stop thinking’ and action: the ‘doing’ part of our brand pay-off.

The round and square grid lines derived the visual language form the basis of the logo design. The logo feels ‘effortless’, just like workflows should ideally feel too. The last two letters in the logo are seamlessly connected, representing what we do with assets, data and people:

All these elements come together in an identity design, of which an example is shown here:

We’ve chosen a specific colour palette, consisting of green and purple tones.

According to colour psychology, green represents renewal, balance, harmony, self-control and growth: all things we seek in creating seamless workflows for our clients. We give processes the ‘green light’ so to say: stop thinking, start doing, right? The colour purple stands for wisdom, compassion, creativity and magic. By applying our wisdom and creativity and by being compassionately and curiously interested in our client’s processes, we ‘magically’ improve workflows that previously felt clumsy or elaborate.

We’re really happy with the result. It feels like an important milestone in the growth of our company and it truly gives us  a sense of pride. Many thanks to the whole team, to Secondstage Ventures for their valuable input, to Niels Vrijhoeven who helped us out with our brand positioning and our brand story,  to Jop Quirindongo for the identity design, to Dave Pelham for the photography and the guys of CCID.nl for the revamped website.

Stop thinking. Start doing.

Clients tell us that implementing our product feels like their data-congested brain finally gets the much-needed neurological wiring that prompts action. Finally, you understand what is happening. Finally, you know what to do next. Finally, you can act confidently.

Digital workflow optimization for asset rich businesses.